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  • 25-01-2018
  • Jessica Peckett

Flightline Aviation has become renown in New Zealand for quality, full-service fixed-wing maintenance. And after decades supporting the industry, you can’t be blamed for thinking that – in fact, we [Flightline Aviation] have built a business on this reputation for excellence.

Since the acquisition of Flightline Aviation 5 years ago, it’s now time to remove any areas of confusion by offering our expertise and services under the same banner – Oceania Aviation. Some will have noticed that the Flightline signage in Ardmore has been replaced with the historically helicopter-focused brand and our other locations are set to follow suit later in the year.

For those who are wary of change, fear not. We may be changing the name on the door and at the top of the invoice but what won’t be changing is the quality services we provide and the confidence our clients have when bringing their aircraft to us.

We are Oceania Aviation, the place you can bring your fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft for all of your aviation needs.

With that said we would like to introduce and bring light to our new Fixed Wing Hangar Manager in Ardmore, Nick Knight. Nick brings with him experience from all around the globe working on various types general aviation fixed-wing aircraft, from Cessna 152s right up to the Beech 1900. More information on Nick's background can be found here.

“What makes Oceania Aviation the best option for operators is the large variety of resources we have available for our clients. Our non-destructive testing (NDT), piston and turbine engine shops, propeller shops, component shops and multiple parts stores are all there to supply the industry and support our maintenance services making Oceania Aviation very close to a one-stop-shop,” says Nick. 

In support of promoting our Oceania Aviation Fixed Wing Services, we are offering a special discount on Full Maintenance Supply for private and commercial operators who get in touch before the end of April.

Jessica Peckett
Posted by Jessica Peckett
First introduced to the aviation industry by her helicopter pilot husband, Jessica has a Bachelor of Commerce (economics & marketing) from the University of Auckland and is passionate about digital design and UX. She manages the marketing for Oceania Aviation and is supported by two incredible junior marketers who assist in the marketing "magic".


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