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As the largest MRO, parts and aircraft sales company in New Zealand with the most diverse range of capabilities for all general aviation aircraft, we understand why you would be interested in joining our team and we welcome all applications. We are always on the hunt for passionate aviation professionals.

We have 9 facilities across New Zealand, over 190 staff and offer our clients an extensive range of services for their fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. Our mandate for continual improvement and growth not only applies to our services but to our team. So if you want to work for an innovative and supportive company, and believe you can add value to our team then scroll down to see what openings we have available. 

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Current Openings

Current Openings

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We have 9 facilities across New Zealand and provide services in a wide variety of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. Get in touch with our careers team, to learn more about working for us, our opportunities or how your skill set may be of use at any of our facilities across the country.

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1. Surround Yourself With Professionals 

Our staff are absolute professionals, each bringing their own unique history in aviation and the wealth of knowledge that accompanies their experience. Surround yourself with like-minded and passionate aviation enthusiasts who are encouraging, love to teach and happy to pass on their expertise. 

2. Career Development 

Not only do we offer on-the-job training but one of our core values is to provide staff with opportunities needed for progression and career development. Alongside continual skill and capability improvement, our high performers are often given the opportunity to receive manufacturer training.

3. The Opportunities Are Endless 

We currently have 14 specialities which is great for our clients as well as our employees. As our staff work within multi-disciplinary teams, they are exposed to all facets of the aviation industry, gaining insight and acquiring a broad range of skills that would otherwise require 4 different title changes. Not only does our diverse range of specialities allow our staff to expand on their own abilities but as we first look to fill positions internally, our staff have the ability to change their focus if needed.

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