Drone Detection Systems

Protecting What's Important

In this day and age technology offers a great many advances and opportunities. However, this can also bring a wide range of risk and none is more obvious to pilots and aircraft owners than the influx of drones into the skyline. 

Here at Oceania Aviation, Safety is one of our core values and we firmly believe that all pilots should be able to take to the skies with complete confidence. With this in mind and the need to address the "drone situation" here in New Zealand,  we have become the exclusive agent for Soncell in order to bring their SPI 24 drone detection system to the kiwi market. 

SPI 24 - Drone Detector

The SPI 24 or Signal Presence Detector has been designed to detect and alert the user of drone activity within a 3km radius. With the unit fitting in the palm of your hand, this device easily sits in the cockpit offering pilots a visual indicator of drone activity and signal strength. 


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For more information on the SPI 24 Drone Detection System please get in touch with Glenn.