Quality and Safety Management

We Are Committed to Health, Safety and Quality Management

Oceania Aviation is committed to providing safe and efficient services, a good working environment for all company staff, continually improving high standard of customer service and preventing unreasonable risks to health, safety, property and the environment.  

To achieve this goal, we encourage uninhibited reporting of all incidents, events, hazards, risks and any other information that may compromise the safe conduct of our operations. We are committed to maintaining a total awareness of all our activities and adapting our attitudes and procedures to meet change.

Health, Safety and Quality are of the utmost importance to Oceania Aviation with our policies emphasizing zero harm to people or the environment. This is documented in our Safety and Quality Management System. Our staff receive health and safety training and no staff member can undertake a task without the correct certification, license, training or supervision. 

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Quality & Safety Management

Oceania Aviation have implemented processes based on quality management principles that support continuous improvement of the organisation’s safety performance. The Health, Safety & Quality system has been fully documented and implemented and is maintained as needed to meet the requirements of the Company’s vision and applicable customer and governing policies. The company has adopted a process-oriented method of management. This approach emphasizes the importance of:

• Continuous improvement of processes based on objective measurements and analysis

• Need to consider processes in terms of added value,

• Obtaining results of process performance and effectiveness and

• Understanding, meeting and integrating customer, statutory and regulatory requirements


Performance Measurement

This involves the use of management tools which analyse how our organisation’s safety goals are being achieved. Measuring, analysing and improvement is conducted through implemented processes that ensure Oceania Aviation can demonstrate:

• Conformity to product requirements

• Conformity of the quality management system and

• Continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system

Where statistical techniques are used, these are defined in associated work instructions; in all cases, statistical techniques are used for product acceptance preclude the release of non-conforming materials.


Safety Reporting

We have a standard process for the acquisition of all safety data, ensuring that the correct steps are taken. Defects are identified and processed according to Customer and regulatory Authority requirements that are discovered during maintenance that are outside the scope of the maintenance contract.

Oceania Aviation has implemented and maintains a robust system for identifying and reporting non-conformities requiring corrective action. These non-conformities can be related to product, processes or other criteria. Such reports result in root cause analysis by an assigned individual or team and implementation of an action plan to correct the root causes and prevent recurrence as well as follow up activities to ensure actions taken are satisfactory. We encourage our customers to report any safety and quality issues they have had with our services by clicking on the following link to submit a report.


Contact Our HSQ Team

The HSQ team play a crucial role in supporting Oceania Aviation’s work towards compliance with regulatory requirements. They understand the difference between compliance and performance based oversight and can include performance based elements in routine oversight activities.

Armin Sadafi

Armin Sadafi

Health, Safety & Quality Manager

Based in Hamilton

+64 21 863 594

More Information On Our HSQ Policies

More Information On Our HSQ Policies

Customer Satisfaction

Oceania Aviation strives to maintain a healthy working relationship with its internal and external stakeholders to ensure there is a prompt and efficient delivery of quality products and services. We welcome feedback, questions and comments so we can best serve the needs of all involved. Please click on the following link to complete our Customer Questionnaire


Personnel Competency

All company personnel are hired based on their ability to perform acceptable work. Subsequent training is performed to ensure each employee is knowledgeable in their job functions and their role within the company. Oceania Aviation has established training programmes that include indoctrination (initial, recurrent) specialised and remedial training areas of stuff for all its employees.

Risk Management

Based on our Hazard Identification and Safety Reporting, all risks are assessed, allowing for correct controls to be put in place. The risk mitigation and planning process uses information from risk identification, assessment and analysis to formulate response strategies for key risks. Common strategies are avoidance, transference and/or mitigation acceptance.

Supplier Quality Requirements

We require that all of our suppliers meet our standard of quality, ensuring our confidence in the quality of work we produce.

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