Diamond Aircraft

Found by Wolf Hoffmann as Hoffmann Flugzeugbau in 1981. Diamond Aircraft is an Austrian-based general aviation company that offers a variety of light aircraft. Diamond manufacturers aircraft that are verifiably the safest in their class. Their commitment to safety is one of the top within the industry with the incredible overall accident rate of about just one sixth of the General Aviation.  

We provide a range of maintenance and overhaul capabilities for Diamond Aircraft. These include:

Part 145 Maintenance

Piston Engine Repair & Overhaul

Propeller Repair & Overhaul

Avionics Upgrades


Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Part 145 Maintenance

We are Part 145 certified to provide maintenance in Auckland, Hamilton and Dunedin for DA20-C1, DA40 and DA42 aircraft.

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Our team are able to offer a wide range of options. Talk to our experts about the best avionics equipment for your mission and your Diamond Aircraft.

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Propeller Overhaul

We are certified and provide high qualityoverhaul and maintenance for all leading brands of propellers including GT Propellers, Hamilton Standard, Hartzell and McCauley.

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Piston Engine Overhaul

Our Auckland, Hamilton and Dunedin facilities are certified for maintenance and overhaul on a wide range of piston engines. Including Lycoming, Continental and Thielert engines.

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2006 Diamond DA42 Available