Eurocopter was first formed in 1992 through the merge of Aerospatiale and DASA. Now known as Airbus Helicopters, the company’s heritage traces back to France and Germany

Eurocopter is home to many firsts within the Helicopter Industry. First turboshaft-powered helicopter (1955 Aérospatiale Alouette II), the first helicopter certified for full flight in icing conditions (1984 AS332 Super Puma), the first helicopter with a Fly-By-Wire control system (NHIndustries NH90), the first helicopter to use a Fly-By-Light primary control system (EC135 testbed), and the first ever landing of a helicopter on Mt. Everest in 2005 (AS350 B3).

We offer a number of repair, maintenance and overhaul services for Eurocopter aircraft. Scroll down for more detail.

Our Eurocopter Capabilities

Our Eurocopter Capabilities

Part 145 Maintenance

We provide maintenance on many popular Eurocopter aircraft. These include:
AS350 Series, AS355 Series, EC130 Series, EC120 Series and Bolkow MBB BO105.

Maintenance Division

Helicopter Components

We provide Component Major Repairs and Overhaul for the following Dunlop Hydraulic Servo's.
AS350 part AC67244, AS350 part AC67246 and AS350 part AC67032

Components Division

Airborne Systems

We manufacturer a diverse range of AS350 & AS355 equipment aimed at maximising revenue. These include:
Spray Systems, Bike Rack, Cargo Pod, Cargo Swing, Seat Slider, Frost Lights, Skid Protector, Cargo Hook Swing and more.

Airborne SystemsOur Role Equipment

Blade & Composites

Our Blade & Composites Division is capable of providing Major Repairs for:

AS350, AS355 and Variants

Our Facilities

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