Originally located in Horseheads, New York, The Schweizer Aircraft Corporation was incorporated in 1939 by Paul, William and Ernest Schweizer after building their first glider in 1930 but have since be more commonly known for their light, piston-engined helicopters that are widely using for training and utility.

Schweizer was acquired by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (now Lockheed Martin) in 2004 and ceased operations in 2012.

We offer a range of services for the 269 helicopter range. These include:

Aircraft Maintenance

Blade Repair

Component Overhaul

Avionics Upgrades

Role Equipment Manufacture

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Our Schweizer Capabilities

Our Schweizer Capabilities

Part 145 Maintenance

We are certified to provide maintenance on the Sikorsky/Schweizer 269 helicopters.

Helicopter Maintenance

Blade Repair

Our Blade & Composites team offer major repair for the 269 aircraft range.

Blade & Composites

269 Series Components

Our NZCAA and EASA approved Helicopter Components team provide major repair and overhaul on a range of Schweizer 269 helicopter components.

Helicopter ComponentsFull 269 Capabilities

Avionic Upgrades

Talk to our avionics experts regarding what options may be available to you and your aircraft.


Role Equipment

Our manufacturing division have designed and produced both cargo hooks and snow shoes for the Schweizer 269. Click for more information.