Now Distributing The Swiss Rotor Solutions Maximum Pilot View Kit

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  • 15-06-2018
  • Zandri Banks

Last month our Sales, Marketing and Communications team met with the CEO and CMO of Swiss Rotor Solutions at Rotortech to discuss the distribution and installation opportunities for their Maximum Pilot View Kit (MPVK). We are now pleased to announce our new partnership with Swiss Rotor Solutions as their authorised distributor and installer for their H125/AS350 Maximum Pilot View Kit in the region.

Designed to increase safety and pilot comfort for the Airbus H125 / AS350 series helicopter, the kit is revolutionising pilot visibility and operational safety. This FAA, EASA, and TCCA approved STC for the Airbus H125 / AS350 helicopter family, significantly increases safety and pilot comfort, and provides an uninhibited field of view below and to the right-hand side of the aircraft.


        - Single-Piece Window/Door Bubble 

        - Removeable, 350% Larger Lower Floor Window


        - Uninterrupted Right Hand View

        - Ample Headroom - even with helmet

        - Increases Visibility By A Factor of Ten (1200 square meters vs 120 square meters at 164 feet)

        - Easily Removed Floor Window - heat, low sun or rain

Increasing both operational safety and efficiency, the MPVK has been embraced globally with forty-four kits ordered. As the only approved installer in New Zealand, we are excited to add another quality capability to further support the industry with leading and innovative solutions. 

Swiss Rotor Solutions CEO Thomas Bolzli, the 9,000-hour utility pilot who initiated development of the product, said:

“We are excited to work with such a reliable, steadfast and widely known partner as Oceania Aviation. Besides Europe, USA and Canada, this is the next big region we can serve with a trusting partner”.

Have a look at the footage of the MPVK in action. It's not hard to imagine just how beneficial this product will be to the operator.

If you are interested in learning more about the MPVK please get in touch.

Stephen Green |